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Maratha Reservation March Gains Momentum as Protestors Head Towards Kharadi Bypass

Manoj Jarange Patil Calls for Mumbai Demonstration on January 26 and Warns of Ministerial Surround in Case of Trouble

January 23, 2024: Today marks the fourth day of the Maratha Morcha, a protest led by Manoj Jarange Patil, which began from Antarwali and is currently advancing towards Kharadi Bypass in Pune. After a halt in Ranjangaon yesterday, arrangements have been made at Bhima Koregaon for the protestors’ lunch during the march. The procession is expected to stop tonight at Kharadi Bypass Chandannagar in Pune city.

Manoj Jarange Patil has rallied Marathas, announcing a show of strength in Mumbai on January 26. The protest will culminate in Gallogalli, with Jarange urging the Maratha community to surround ministers if issues arise in Mumbai.

Jarange Patil appeals to ministers, proposing that even two days of peaceful protest in Mumbai will result in gaining reservation. He expresses the dream of witnessing Maratha youth secure positions as officers through reservation. Although he assures his commitment to the social cause, Jarange Patil clarifies that he will not enter politics.

Criticizing alleged land grabs by Chhagan Bhujbal without directly naming him, Jarange Patil asserts that once reservation is secured, the true impact will be felt. He warns against divisive caste politics, suggesting a stand-up program for those who indulge in it.

In related developments, the reconsideration petition regarding Maratha reservation is scheduled for a hearing on January 24. Petitioners seek an open hearing on the matter, expressing optimism that the verdict will favor the Maratha community. Simultaneously, the State Backward Classes Commission initiates an eight-day survey to assess the economic and social backwardness of the Maratha community across Maharashtra. Nearly two and a half crore Maratha and open category families will be surveyed, with half a lakh enumerators and officers appointed for the campaign.

The survey has commenced in Latur district, with 9,685 officers and employees ensuring that no family is overlooked in the assessment of the Maratha community and open category citizens. The outcome of both the march and the legal proceedings will likely shape the future of Maratha reservation in the state.


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