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Maratha Reservation Issue: MP Hemant Patil Resigns in Solidarity

Junnar MLA Ready to Join Maratha Reservation Movement

October 30, 2023: In a significant development, Hemant Patil, the Member of Parliament (MP) from Hingoli, has tendered his resignation to show solidarity with the ongoing Maratha reservation demand. Patil, representing the Shiv Sena Shinde faction in Hingoli, becomes the first MP to resign over the Maratha reservation issue. This move comes at a time when the Maratha community’s agitation for reservation in Maharashtra is gaining momentum.

Patil’s decision to resign has created a buzz in the political landscape of Maharashtra, as it amplifies the urgency and intensity of the long-pending Maratha reservation issue. He submitted his resignation letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker, emphasizing his commitment to the Maratha community and farmers, whom he has tirelessly supported for years.

In his resignation letter, Patil stated, “The issue of reservation for the Maratha community has remained unresolved for many years, and the sentiments of the community run deep. I have been an ardent advocate for the Maratha community and farmers. In support of the reservation movement, I am stepping down from my post.”

Junnar MLA Atul Benke has also expressed his willingness to resign in support of the Maratha reservation cause. As various political leaders have been mobilizing across the state to demand Maratha reservation, Benke has conveyed his intention to consult with Maratha organizations before making a final decision. His commitment signals a growing consensus among political representatives to unite for the Maratha reservation.

In a separate development, Manoj Jarange’s hunger strike continues, despite his deteriorating health. Jarange, determined to secure Maratha reservation, has refused to consume water or seek medical attention. He emphasized that he would not relent until the Maratha community receives the reservation it deserves. He also issued a stern warning, stating that the government must act to grant reservation or face the unyielding determination of the Marathas.

Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati, together with Manoj Jarange, appealed to the Maratha community to avoid extreme measures in their pursuit of reservation. They urged the community not to resort to suicide and assured them of their unwavering commitment to securing Maratha reservation through peaceful means.

In a show of unwavering determination, Maratha youths in Dharashiv, particularly in Medsinga village, have resorted to extreme measures to draw attention to the reservation cause. Highly educated Maratha youths buried themselves in the ground as a symbol of protest, raising their voices and slogans in support of the Maratha reservation demand.

The Maratha reservation movement appears to be gaining momentum and support from various political leaders, as the community continues to press for their rightful share of reservations in Maharashtra.


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