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Maratha Reservation Hunger Strike Ends, Government Calls Collectors’ Meeting

Manoj Jarange Ends Fast Demanding Maratha Reservation, CM Shinde Calls Meeting with Collectors

MUMBAI | November 03, 2023 : After a nine-day hunger strike by Manoj Jarange Patal demanding immediate reservation for the Maratha community, the hunger strike came to a halt. This move prompted the government to swing into action on Friday, as they have called for a meeting with District Collectors from across the state.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is set to engage with District Collectors of the state during the meeting. The Shinde committee, which was formed to address the issue of Maratha reservation, will also have its progress reviewed during the gathering. The urgency of this meeting is primarily aimed at expediting the distribution of Kunbi caste certificates throughout the state.

Reports suggest that an IAS officer will be designated to oversee coordination among all District Collectors involved in the caste certificate distribution process, as reported by ‘Sam TV.’ However, while Manoj Jarange Patal had demanded immediate reservation, the Chief Minister’s statement on Thursday implied that the government’s issuance of certificates would depend on existing records.

Meanwhile, there is a discrepancy between the timeline set by the government and the one demanded by Manoj Jarange Patil. The activist insists on receiving the reservation by December 24, whereas the government has a timeline set until January 2. Finding a resolution to this difference in timelines will be crucial in addressing the ongoing issue.


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