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Maratha Reservation Dispute Heats Up as Deadline Nears

Mumbai | October 22, 2023:

In the unfolding drama of the Maratha reservation dispute, tension mounts as the deadline set by Manoj Jarange-Patil approaches. With only three days remaining for the ultimatum he delivered to the state government, the backdrop of this ongoing struggle revolves around the appointment of judges by the government for addressing reservation issues.

The Sandeep Shinde committee, entrusted with investigating the matter, has now requested a two-month extension to finalize its report. This development begs the question: will this plea for an extension exacerbate the already contentious relationship between the state government and Jarange-Patil, further fanning the flames of the Maratha reservation issue? The answer to this question holds great significance.

The dilemma intensifies as the committee seeks an extension for reservation investigation, while the state government’s deadline looms large. The government finds itself in a precarious situation, attempting to navigate a ‘golden’ middle path in this ongoing saga. The role that Jarange-Patil, the prominent Maratha reservation advocate, will play remains a subject of keen interest for many.

The committee’s request for an extension pertains to the Maratha reservation and Kunbi certificate issuance, and it hinges on the need to gather additional evidence. Notably, the government has not yet made a decision regarding this request.

However, it’s important to note that the Chief Minister previously imposed a 40-day deadline upon Manoj Jarange-Patil, a leading figure in the Maratha reservation movement, when forming the committee to address reservation demands. This 40-day period concludes on the 24th. Should the committee’s request for a two-month extension be granted, the Maratha reservation issue could potentially reignite.

Jarange-Patil remains steadfast in his commitment to the reservation cause. Regardless of the committee’s progress, its report, or related commissions, his stance remains unwavering: Marathas must be granted their rightful reservation. As the government’s deadline swiftly approaches, Jarange-Patil maintains that the peaceful Maratha agitation will force the government to take notice.

Following a historic meeting, Manoj Jarange-Patil continues to host gatherings throughout the state, garnering significant public support. The storm of the Maratha reservation issue rages on, and Jarange’s media interviews have further fueled the public’s interest and engagement. The atmosphere surrounding this matter remains highly charged.

The judge appointed to oversee Maratha community reservations, Sandeep Shinde, along with his committee, is scheduled to visit Dharashiv on Sunday, the 22nd. Their visit aims to uncover historical evidence, particularly references to the ‘Kunbi’ community during the Nizam rule, which suggests that Marathas at the time were identified as Kunbi. The committee will acquire this information from the collector’s office in Dharashiv, shedding further light on this contentious issue.



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