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Government Faces Opposition Over Maratha Reservation Discussion

Opposition Challenges Government Over Maratha Reservation, Igniting Assembly Debate

Nagpur | December 15, 2023 : In a recent development, the state government’s proposal under Rule 260 regarding the Maratha reservation has sparked controversy and heated discussions in the assembly. Praveen Darekar, representing the government, presented the proposal, leading to a confrontation with the opposition, particularly Anil Parab. The resolution, expressing no objection to granting reservation to the Maratha community, had already been passed and sent to the central government, raising questions about the need for further deliberation.

During the assembly session, Parab challenged the government, emphasizing the importance of detailing the process through which the Maratha community would be granted reservation. This move by the opposition ignited a debate on the floor, diverting attention from the previously agreed-upon resolution.

The issue of Maratha reservation has also spilled onto the streets, with protestors from the Maratha community demanding Kunbi certificates. This demand has intensified tensions between the Maratha and Kunbi communities, contributing to a state of unrest. Leading the Maratha movement, Jarange-Patil has set a deadline of December 24, while the government has requested until January 2 to address the situation. The viability of resolving the Maratha reservation dispute within such a short timeframe is now under scrutiny, with questions arising about the feasibility of the assurances given to society.

An additional layer of criticism was directed at the government by Parab, who expressed concern about the government’s handling of the situation. He highlighted the role of senior ministers making frequent statements in the media, contributing to the strained atmosphere between the two communities. Chandrakant Patil, the chairman of the ministerial sub-committee on Maratha reservation, faced criticism for his silence on the matter, with allegations that only BJP members were actively addressing the issue.

Praveen Darekar, during his proposal presentation, criticized the Mahavikas Aghadi government, attributing the current situation to its failure to sustain the Maratha reservation granted by former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Darekar argued that political animosity was unfairly targeting Fadnavis, emphasizing that the alliance government should take responsibility.

As the discussions unfolded, Shashikant Shinde and Satej Patil also shared their perspectives on the matter. The assembly is set to continue deliberations on Thursday, providing a platform for further exploration of the complex issue surrounding Maratha reservation.


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