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Maratha Reservation Controversy: High Court Petition, Protests, and Political Statements

Gunaratna Sadavarte's High Court Petition and Growing Maratha Reservation Unrest

November 02, 2023: Lawyer Gunaratna Sadavarte has once again taken legal action against the Maratha movement by filing a petition in the High Court. The petition, scheduled for a hearing on November 8, comes in the wake of escalating tensions in the ongoing Maratha reservation protests. As the demonstrations turned violent, Sadavarte rushed to the court, indicating that the Sadavarte vs. Maratha protestors dispute may intensify in the near future.

MLA Bachchu Kadu’s Call for Maratha Reservation

MLA Bachchu Kadu has made a significant statement regarding the delay in granting reservations to the Maratha community. He emphasized that the delay is due to the authorities, not the Marathas themselves, who are, in fact, common farmers and not Naxalites. Kadu argued that Marathas deserve reservation and stressed that the government has betrayed the community.

Maratha Protestors Take to the Streets

As the Maratha agitation gains momentum in the state, protestors initiated a Rasta Roko agitation at Kolhapur Phata in Kalwan, Nashik. Their anger was directed at the government, as they tore down a greeting banner featuring the photographs of NCP MLA Nitin Pawar and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Maratha activists accused the government of deceiving the community by failing to provide the promised reservation.

Maratha Village Sarpanch and Husband’s Hunger Strike

In a desperate plea for Maratha reservation, Malge village sarpanch Nalini Krishna Sonale and her husband have been on an indefinite hunger strike for the past three days in front of the Kagal Tehsildar office. Due to their deteriorating health, they were recently admitted to a rural hospital in Kagal for medical treatment.

MLAs Join the Maratha Reservation Movement

Political leaders have also thrown their weight behind the Maratha reservation movement. While some MLAs continued their protests for the third consecutive day, MLA Saroj Ahire and Ajit Pawar also joined the demonstration in the Vidhan Bhavan area. They subsequently met with Speaker Rahul Narvekar and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council Neelam Go-He, demanding a special session to address the reservation issue.

MLA Sanjay Gaiwad’s Controversial Statement

In a shocking statement made during a program in Motala, Buldhana, MLA Sanjay Gaiwad threatened to take extreme measures if anyone obstructed the Maratha community’s quest for reservation. He stated that he would not tolerate any obstacles this time and declared that he would “take the life” of anyone who tried to hinder the reservation process, highlighting the intense emotions surrounding the issue.


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