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Maratha Reservation Controversy: Allegations Against Sharad Pawar’s Double Standards

Serious Claims by Professor Namdevrao Jadhav Highlighting Sharad Pawar's Actions

November 07, 2023: The issue of Maratha reservation in India has ignited intense discussions, with many individuals and groups demanding equitable rights for the Maratha community. In a recent turn of events, Professor Namdevrao Jadhav, a descendant of Jijau and a prominent figure in academia, has leveled serious allegations against veteran politician Sharad Pawar, accusing him of maintaining double standards in his stance on Maratha reservation.

Namdevrao Jadhav, who has authored the book ‘Shivaji the Management Guru,’ is well-known for his academic and literary contributions. On his social media profiles, he proudly claims his lineage to Jijau, further cementing his connection to the Maratha community.

What has Professor Namdevrao Jadhav accused Sharad Pawar of?

Professor Namdevrao Jadhav has accused Sharad Pawar of inconsistency in his stance regarding Maratha reservation. Jadhav claims that when the topic of Maratha reservation surfaces, Sharad Pawar shifts his focus to other communities, such as Muslims and OBCs, suggesting that they should also receive reservation benefits. Jadhav questions why Pawar does not wholeheartedly support the Maratha community’s demand for their rightful reservation, without infringing on others’ rights. Furthermore, he alleges that when activist Shalinita Patil took an aggressive stance on this issue, Sharad Pawar expelled her from the party, indicating his reluctance to prioritize Maratha reservation.

According to Jadhav, Sharad Pawar has vehemently opposed Maratha reservation on philosophical, ideological, and legal grounds, which he views as a betrayal to the Maratha community. Jadhav goes on to assert that Sharad Pawar has presented himself as a staunch supporter of the Marathas in Delhi while simultaneously opposing their interests in Maharashtra, which he labels as a double standard. Jadhav speculates that Pawar hurriedly made these decisions to preempt V. P. Singh, who was likely to receive credit for implementing the Mandal Commission, ultimately harming the Maratha community.

Why are certain criteria being imposed on Marathas?

Professor Namdevrao Jadhav highlights the grim situation faced by the Maratha community, including a high number of suicides. He questions the need for additional criteria to justify Maratha reservation when their distress is evident. He believes that the reservation bus is already full, leaving no room for Marathas. Jadhav suggests that bureaucratic formalities have been established to create hurdles for Marathas trying to access their rights, likening it to a ticket-buying process where people are forced to stand in queues to gain a sense of belonging.

How did Sharad Pawar affect Maratha reservation in the past?

Namdevrao Jadhav points out that Sharad Pawar played a significant role in altering the Maratha reservation landscape. He alleges that Pawar abolished Maratha reservation rights by removing those listed at No. 181, replacing them with Teli and Mali at positions 182 and 183, respectively. Jadhav raises questions about the criteria used to make this decision and whether it was based on economic or social factors. Additionally, during Pawar’s tenure as Chief Minister, the Maratha reservation was increased from 14 to 27 percent, but Marathas were excluded, while Teli and Mali were included in the expanded reservation category.

In conclusion, Professor Namdevrao Jadhav contends that Sharad Pawar, under some pressure or agenda, made decisions that negatively impacted the future of the Maratha community. He suggests that these decisions were taken to showcase his progressiveness during a time when the Mandal Commission was being implemented and V. P. Singh served as the Prime Minister of India. While some argue that the GR (Government Resolution) was not signed by Sharad Pawar as Chief Minister but by the Governor, Jadhav clarifies that the standard protocol dictates that the Governor signs such resolutions. This ongoing controversy underscores the complex dynamics of Maratha reservation and the political implications it carries.


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