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Verdict Imminent: Supreme Court Decision on Maratha Reservation Case Looms Large

Verdict Imminent: Maratha Reservation Case Reaches Crucial Stage

December 07, 2023: Maratha Reservation Faces Critical Juncture in Supreme Court Hearing

In a pivotal development, the state government’s curative petition on the Maratha reservation issue underwent a crucial hearing in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud. The fate of Maratha reservation now hangs in the balance as the court’s imminent verdict will determine the future course of action.

What the Supreme Court’s Decision Could Mean for Maratha Reservation

The Supreme Court, having heard the state government’s arguments in an in-chamber session on Wednesday, is poised to deliver a decision that carries significant implications. As this session did not involve public arguments and excluded lawyers from the chamber, the Court carefully considered the points raised by the state in its curative petition.

At the heart of the matter is the validity of granting reservation to the Maratha community beyond the 50 percent limit and the determination of the community’s backward status. The Supreme Court’s decision may prompt a reevaluation of the judgment in the historic Indra Sawhney case.

Potential Ramifications of the Supreme Court Verdict

The upcoming Supreme Court verdict holds the key to the Maratha reservation’s future. If the Court issues a notice for an open-court hearing on Maratha reservation or decides to hold the hearing openly, it would be a positive development for both the state government and the Maratha community. Conversely, if the curative petition is rejected, it could pose challenges for the state government.

In the event of a rejection, the state government might be compelled to submit a revised report from the Backward Classes Commission, potentially restarting the process of Maratha reservation. This could lead to prolonged deliberations, and the agitators advocating for Maratha reservation might intensify their protests in response to the setback.

The entire state is closely watching as the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Maratha reservation issue is expected to be delivered in the coming days, casting a profound impact on the socio-political landscape.


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