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Maratha Reservation Leader, Manoj Jarange Patil, Expresses Concerns Over Kunbi Records

Government's Shifting Stance Sparks Doubts in Maratha Reservation Advocacy

Pune | January 31, 2024: In a press conference held in Pune, Manoj Jarange Patil, the prominent leader of the Maratha reservation movement, raised concerns over the recent revelations of 57 lakh Kunbi records. Patil expressed unease about the government’s evolving position on the matter, asserting that while initially supportive of enacting a law, some officials are now voicing opposition, casting doubts on the commitment.

Patil confronted the government with questions about the nature of these records, emphasizing the importance of discerning whether they are old or new. According to him, the government confirmed that the discovered records are indeed new. Patil pointed out that with 57 lakh entries and 39 lakh issued Kunbi certificates, the likelihood is that these entries are recent. He further stated that if the records were old, they would have already gained widespread attention.

Earlier this week, Patil issued a warning that if leaders from the Other Backward Classes (OBC) challenge Maratha reservations, he will legally challenge the Mandal Commission. Responding to this, Bhujbal issued a challenge back, stating that Patil should genuinely take on the Mandal Commission.

In response, Patil acknowledged that challenging the Mandal Commission is an option but emphasized a desire to avoid creating conflict. He urged OBC leaders to understand the importance of maintaining the reservation without unnecessary disturbances. Patil highlighted that withdrawing challenges has been a past practice among OBC leaders, and he urged them not to betray the cause.

Wrapping up, Patil asserted, “We want to continue our work, ensuring that our reservation remains intact for valid reasons. Let us not jeopardize the rights of our poor OBC brothers and sisters.”


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