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Maratha Reservation Rally Led by Manoj Jarange Patil Sparks Tensions in Mumbai

State Government Worries About Potential Mass Influx as Jarange Patals Announce Fast

January 19, 2024: In a significant turn of events, Manoj Jarange Patil, a prominent advocate for Maratha reservation, is set to kick off a foot march from Mumbai this Saturday, escalating tensions surrounding the ongoing demand for Maratha reservation. Adding to the unease, Jarange Patals have declared their intention to observe a fast in Mumbai starting from the 26th of this month, a move that the government fears could lead to the entry of millions into the city.

Expressing concern over the situation, State Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has made an earnest appeal to Manoj Jarange Patil, urging him to reconsider the march. Shinde emphasized the government’s positive stance towards addressing the Maratha reservation issue and revealed plans to convene in February to discuss and enact a law specifically addressing the reservation for the Maratha community. The Chief Minister reassured that the government is committed to providing reservation without adversely affecting other communities, particularly the OBCs.

In response to the appeal, Jarange Patals assert that the Marathas have consistently upheld their commitment to dialogue and cooperation. They place blame on the ministers sent to negotiate, claiming that their failure to resolve the matter led to the current impasse. Jarange Patals argue that the responsibility of these ministers was to find a solution, yet they seem to have disappeared when needed the most.

Highlighting the prolonged nature of the discussions, Jarange Patals question the government’s commitment to reconciliation. Despite giving a seven-month window for dialogue, the lack of progress has compelled them to take a more assertive stance. Emphasizing the respect society has shown for the government’s promises, Jarange Patals state that the time for justice has arrived, prompting their decision to march to Mumbai to press for their demands. The government is urged to take note of the sentiments and work towards an amicable resolution that upholds the rights and aspirations of the Maratha community.


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