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Critical Supreme Court Hearing Determines Fate of Maratha Reservation

Minister Bhujbal Expresses Concern as Marathas Shift to Kunbi Certificates

December 06, 2023: In a pivotal development, the future of Maratha reservation hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court prepares to hear the curative petition filed by the state government. The hearing, scheduled after the state government’s petition on October 13, marks a crucial juncture for the longstanding Maratha reservation movement.

The concern over the reservation issue has escalated with Minister Chhagan Bhujbal’s recent claim that there might soon be no Marathas left in the state. Bhujbal alleges a mass migration towards Kunbi certificates, signaling a shift in community identity. He criticizes the OBC Commission, stating that it has transformed into what he calls a “Maratha Commission” due to numerous resignations.

Amidst the rising tension, Maratha protester Manoj Jarange Patil remains a key figure in the movement. Despite rumors of a potential extension to the December 24 deadline, Jarange clarified that his initial statement had been distorted. He asserts the commitment to peaceful protests and stands firm on the set deadline.

A crucial meeting between Maratha and OBC leaders in Yavatmal sought to address concerns related to reservation. Jarange Patil, a prominent participant in the meeting, emphasized the need to safeguard existing reservations while advocating for the rights of the Maratha community.

Simultaneously, the Shinde committee is in Hyderabad to gather evidence regarding Kunbi certificates issued to those with Kunbi-Maratha records. The committee will scrutinize Nizam-era documents in Telangana, exploring entries in Urdu or other languages. Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati has also taken the initiative, urging MPs to voice their support for Maratha reservation in Parliament.

As the Supreme Court hearing approaches, the attention of the state and the Maratha community intensifies, underscoring the significance of the legal proceedings in determining the fate of Maratha reservation.


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