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Maratha Reservation Activist Confronts Chhagan Bhujbal Over Maharashtra Sadan Scam

Amidst the Maratha reservation battle, Manoj Jarange-Patil takes on Chhagan Bhujbal in Nashik

Nashik | November 22, 2023 : In the ongoing crusade for Maratha reservation, Manoj Jarange-Patil, a prominent activist, has turned the spotlight on Maharashtra Minister Chhagan Bhujbal during his week-long statewide tour. Today in Nashik, Jarange-Patil criticized Bhujbal for his alleged involvement in the Maharashtra Sadan scam and confidently declared that Marathas would secure reservation in the OBC category by December 24.

Irregularities in Maharashtra Sadan Building Contract Award Process

Without directly naming Bhujbal, Jarange-Patil questioned his past actions, including accusations of irregularities in the contract award process for the Maharashtra Sadan building in Delhi during Bhujbal’s tenure as the Minister of Public Works in 2011. Referring to Bhujbal’s legal troubles, Jarange-Patil asserted that justice must be served for the alleged misappropriation of public funds.

Challenging Bhujbal’s Criticism and Plea for Peace

Responding to Bhujbal’s criticism in the Antarwali series, Jarange-Patil, in Nashik, urged Bhujbal to refrain from unnecessary confrontations. He emphasized the need for focusing on securing reservation first before engaging in any disputes. Additionally, Jarange-Patil questioned Bhujbal about the absence of colleges named after Savitribai, further intensifying the verbal exchange.

Appeal for Government Action and Warning to Maratha Leaders

Expressing concern over communal tensions, Jarange-Patil called on the government to address the issue promptly. He urged the government to refrain from filing false cases against the activists advocating for reservation. Jarange-Patil warned Maratha leaders from all parties to stand by the youth in their quest for reservation, cautioning them that their stance would be remembered.

Bold Assertion on Reservation and Future Plans

In a bold statement, Jarange-Patil declared that he would secure reservation by any means necessary, even if it meant taking his protest to the roof. He called on the government to withdraw all charges against Maratha activists, stating that millions of Marathas were ready to protest if their demand for reservation was not met. While facing criticism, Jarange-Patil remains resolute, emphasizing his determination to achieve the long-awaited reservation for the Maratha community.


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