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Maratha Protester’s Suicide Sparks Ultimatum from Manoj Jarange to Government

Demands for Immediate Maratha Reservation in the Wake of Tragic Suicide

October 19,2023: In the latest turn of events, the tragic suicide of Sunil Kawle, a Maratha protester, has prompted a fervent demand for immediate reservation by fellow activist Manoj Jarange. The incident has ignited a fresh wave of urgency within the Maratha community, with Jarange directly calling upon the government to honor their commitment to reservation.

Expressing his dismay at the government’s inaction, Jarange emphasized the detrimental impact of delayed reservation on the community. “I don’t understand why the government is turning a blind eye to the struggles of the Maratha protesters. Our community is suffering, and this sacrifice should not be in vain,” he stated during a press briefing.

Appealing to the perseverance of the Maratha youth, Jarange urged them to hold on a little longer, emphasizing the vital necessity of securing reservation without further casualties. “The government must act swiftly. We cannot afford to lose more lives waiting for justice,” he emphasized.

The deadline has been set, with Jarange firmly stating that a peaceful protest will not be sustained beyond the 24th. “We are determined not to let this sacrifice be forgotten,” he concluded, underlining the unwavering resolve within the Maratha community.


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