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Maratha-OBC Reservation Clash Escalates: Warning of Cancellation Raises Tensions

Manoj Jarange Patil Threatens OBC Reservation, Announces Dhangar and Muslim Reservation Movement

January 30, 2024: In a dramatic turn of events, the ongoing battle over reservations in Maharashtra takes a contentious twist as Manoj Jarange Patil issues a stark warning that the 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) could be annulled if Marathas oppose the existing reservation ordinance. Jarange Patil, a prominent figure in the Maratha community, has refused to accept the Mandal Commission, asserting a direct challenge to the OBCs if they continue to challenge Maratha reservations.

As the Maratha survey in Marathwada reaches a crucial juncture with 62% completion, concerns arise over the remaining 38%. Notably, discrepancies emerge as teachers across the state conduct the survey, leading to an incident in Bhanda where teachers, during school hours, are seen involving students. Parents express displeasure, while the Zilla Parishad education chairman claims government directives for the teachers’ actions and promises an investigation into the matter. The survey deadline looms large on January 31.


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