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Maratha Leader Manoj Jarange Responds to 96 Kuli Narayan Rane’s Opposition to Maratha ‘Kunbi’ Status

Manoj Jarange's Visit to Pune Sparks Controversy Over Maratha Reservation

Pune | October 20,2023: India: The battle for reservation rights among the Maratha community in Maharashtra took an unexpected turn as Manoj Jarange Patil, a prominent Maratha leader, responded to BJP MP Narayan Rane’s opposition to the community being recognized as ‘Kunbi.’ Jarange’s remarks were made during his ongoing visit to Pune, with a significant meeting scheduled in Rajgunrunagar.

The issue of reservation for economically disadvantaged Marathas in the state is on the verge of a resolution, and the senior Maratha leaders are being urged to approach it sensitively. Manoj Jarange Patil’s message to BJP MP Narayan Rane was clear: “Let us not disrupt the progress towards reservation for the impoverished Marathas.” Notably, during the tenure of the Congress-Nationalist Alliance government, Narayan Rane’s single-member committee compiled a comprehensive report on Maratha reservation, which became the benchmark for this cause.

However, when Manoj Jarange called for Marathas to be issued Kunbi caste certificates, Narayan Rane staunchly objected, declaring, “I am a 96-Kuli Maratha and will not accept any Maratha Kunbi certificate.” Jarange was swift in his response, addressing the media during a conversation at Shivneri Fort on Friday.

Jarange Patil, responding to Rane’s stance, accused the state government of betraying the 100 percent Maratha community. He pledged that they would maintain restraint until 2024 and challenged the government to see who it would stand with at that time. Jarange emphasized the unity of the common Marathas, urging the government not to disrupt the lives of ordinary farmers and to grant reservations in a timely manner. He cautioned against undermining the sacrifices made by Maratha activists during their struggle and called on the government not to victimize the Maratha community, warning of potential repercussions.

Manoj Jarange Patil is currently visiting various locations in Pune, including Junnar, Baramati, Phaltan, and Dahiwadi, with an upcoming meeting scheduled in Rajgurunagar. The Maratha community eagerly awaits his statements during this meeting. Jarange stated that if Marathas do not secure reservation by 2024, peaceful protests will resume. He concluded by asserting that even peaceful protests will not be enough to thwart their resolve.

In a separate statement, Manoj Jarange Patil defended the demand for Kunbi reservation among Marathas, emphasizing that there is nothing wrong with seeking recognition under the Kunbi name. He argued that the term “Kunbi” signifies a cultivator, and it is a term deeply rooted in the Maratha community’s history, used by both farmers and wealthy Marathas alike. Jarange stressed that the connection between Marathas and the word “Kunbi” is intrinsic and should not be severed.


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