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Maratha Community Demands Special Session for Reservation

Manoj Jarange Patil Urges State Government to Act

October 20,2023: The demand for reservation by the Maratha community has gained momentum as Manoj Jarange Patil, a prominent figure in the movement, addressed a public gathering in Rajgurunagar on Friday. During his impassioned speech, Jarange Patil called upon the state government to convene a special session and grant Maratha reservation.

“Lakhs of Marathas have been waiting for far too long. We are unwilling to let the sacrifices of our community go in vain. Our sole and unwavering demand is reservation for the Maratha community. We don’t seek jobs in the absence of reservation. When it comes to granting reservation for Marathas, it’s been all about laws, studies, and committees. But now, the government’s grace period has expired. There are no more delays; reservation must be granted,” asserted Manoj Jarange Patil.

He continued, “It’s time for the legislation to pass. Our committee has amassed an impressive 5,000 pieces of evidence. Since Marathas are Kunbis, it’s imperative that all Marathas in the state receive OBC certificates. We refuse to turn a blind eye to the issue. If we had intended to ignore it, we wouldn’t have extended the deadline to 40 days. We stand firm, demanding our rights.”

Jarange Patil further emphasized, “Until the 24th, we will maintain our silence. The government has left the responsibility of securing Maratha rights to the Marathas themselves. We will not provide any responses until the 24th. It seems the government is trying to sow discord. We urge every Maratha household to join this movement and voice their demand for reservation. Peaceful persistence is the key to achieving Maratha reservation. On the 22nd, we will reveal our plans for the protest post the 24th. We remain hopeful that the government will not let this opportunity go up in flames.”

Manoj Jarange Patil underscored, “Marathas will present 5,000 pages of evidence to support our reservation cause. Whether it’s one piece of evidence or a hundred, the law requires support to pass. The legislative process can be expedited; the government has the authority to pass the law with the consent of the governor and the assembly.”

The Maratha community’s demand for reservation continues to gather strength, with Manoj Jarange Patil spearheading the movement and pressing for swift government action. As the 24th approaches, all eyes are on the state government’s response to this fervent call for Maratha reservation.


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