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Appeal to Marathas: Manoj Jarange’s Hunger Strike for Maratha Reservation

Hunger Strike Begins: Manoj Jarange's Relentless Fight for Maratha Community's Rights

Antarwali Sarati, Jalna | October 25,2023: Manoj Jarange-Patil has embarked on his second hunger strike, resolutely demanding immediate Kunbi caste certificates for the Maratha community. His fast-to-death protest, which commenced on Wednesday, seeks to secure rights for the Marathas. Minister Girish Mahajan attempted to dissuade Jarange by phone, urging him not to risk his life and to avoid extremism. Mahajan assured that the state government was committed to providing Maratha reservations within the bounds of the law, and he implored Jarange to exercise patience for a few more days. However, Jarange remained unwavering in his determination to continue the hunger strike.

Girish Mahajan made a last-ditch attempt to reach Jarange-Patil just before he initiated his hunger strike at Antarwali Sarati. The conversation between Mahajan and Jarange-Patil was put on speakerphone, allowing everyone present to hear the exchange. The state government had initially promised Maratha reservations within 15 days, yet it has been 41 days, and the committee assigned to issue Kunbi certificates has yet to take action. Frustration has grown as the state’s Science Minister appeared preoccupied with educational schemes for the Maratha community. Furthermore, cases filed against the protesters involved in the police lathi charge at Antarwali Sarati have not been withdrawn, raising concerns that they may be used as a deterrent in future demonstrations.

Jarange-Patil confronted Girish Mahajan, questioning whether the government’s failure to withdraw these cases was meant to intimidate future protesters. Mahajan sought to convince Jarange-Patil to reconsider and extend the hunger strike to allow more time for the state government to fulfill its promise of lawful reservations for the Maratha community.

In response, Jarange-Patil insisted that the hunger strike would persist under any circumstances, refusing to entertain any further discussions with political leaders after initiating his fast. He pledged not to consume food, water, or receive medical treatment or saline during his strict hunger strike, stressing his commitment to bring justice to the marginalized Maratha community. Jarange-Patil urged fellow Marathas to join him in the fight rather than resorting to extreme actions, emphasizing their collective desire to fight for their rights.

The responsibility for securing reservations for the Maratha community now rests heavily on Manoj Jarange-Patil’s shoulders. He is determined to continue his hunger strike until justice is achieved, even as appeals are made for more time. The situation remains tense, with the Maratha community anxiously watching as events unfold.


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