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Manoj Jarange Warns Against Misleading Statements on Maratha Reservation

Girish Mahajan cautioned not to make misleading statements, or clips of promises will go viral across the state.

Jalgaon, Maharashtra | 04, December 2023: In a recent public meeting in Jalgaon, Manoj Jarange Patil, a prominent figure advocating for Maratha reservation, issued a stern warning to Girish Mahajan. Mahajan, who had visited the protest site, was urged by Jarange Patil to refrain from making incorrect statements regarding the Maratha reservation, emphasizing the potential consequences of his actions.

During the meeting, Mahajan had requested a deadline for enacting a law related to the Maratha reservation. However, he also made a statement asserting that it was impossible to grant Kunbi certificates to the Maratha community, a statement that didn’t sit well with Jarange Patil.

Jarange Patil, who is currently touring Khandesh, expressed his concerns during interactions with journalists in Jalgaon. He reminded Mahajan to be cautious about his statements and warned against misleading the Maratha community. Jarange Patil asserted that they have evidence of Mahajan’s promises and cautioned that if necessary, they would make clips of these promises go viral across the state.

“We gave them time to fulfill their promises, but they should not mislead society with false statements,” Jarange Patil said. He further criticized Mahajan, labeling it inappropriate for a senior minister to create trouble through such statements.

State Office Bearers to Meet on December 17

Jarange Patil also addressed the historical divide between Marathas in western Maharashtra and Khandesh, highlighting the unity demonstrated at the meeting in Jalgaon. He announced a crucial meeting of state office bearers on December 17, inviting Maratha representatives from across the state. The meeting will determine the direction of the agitation post-December 24, and Jarange Patil urged Maratha MLAs to pressure the government for the enactment of the reservation law.

Government Faces Consequences if Demands Not Met

Jarange Patil concluded by urging the government to extend the convention’s tenure and pass the reservation law during the session. He expressed disappointment that promised withdrawals of cases against Maratha protestors had not occurred, leading to continued arrests. Warning the state government of consequences, he demanded an end to filing cases against protestors, cautioning that failure to do so would result in significant trouble for the government.


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