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Maharashtra’s Political Landscape Shifts as Key Party Withdraws from Grand Alliance Ahead of Elections

Prominent Maharashtra party's exit from Grand Alliance reshapes state politics in anticipation of upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections

Sangli | August 20,2023 : In a significant turn of events, Mahadev Jankar, the founder president of the Rashtriya Samaj Party and former cabinet minister, has dealt a blow to the Grand Alliance in Maharashtra. As the state gears up for the forthcoming Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections, Jankar’s decision to withdraw his party from the alliance is predicted to reshape the political dynamics. The Rashtriya Samaj Party, known for its influence in various districts and strong roots in the Dalit and Dhangar communities, is embarking on an independent journey in the political arena.

The development comes amidst a shifting political landscape in Maharashtra, where both major and smaller parties are navigating a complex scenario. The BJP, Congress, and NCP are grappling with internal disruptions, leaving space for smaller parties to potentially gain ground. With a society-driven approach, Mahadev Jankar is leading the Rashtriya Samaj Party towards the promise of a new government.

Amidst these changes, the agricultural sector is also facing challenges. Farmers are grappling with falling crop prices, particularly concerning onions and maize. While Telangana has extended support to farmers, Jankar has articulated his intention to propose a similar scheme to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

As Jankar’s “Jansurajya Yatra” gains traction across Maharashtra’s rural areas, the political climate is undoubtedly shifting. With Mahadev Jankar’s announcement, the Mahayuti faces the departure of a crucial ally, potentially influencing the upcoming elections. Maharashtra’s political scene is evolving, and the decisions made today are set to reverberate in the elections and beyond.



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