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Maharashtra Governor Proposes Changing School Timings to Adapt to Modern Lifestyles

Revamping Education: Maharashtra Governor Advocates Flexible School Timings

December 06, 2023: In a recent address at the Raj Bhavan, Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais has proposed a significant shift in school timings across the state, citing the evolving lifestyle patterns. Governor Bais emphasized the necessity of aligning school hours with the changing sleep patterns of children, given the prevalent trend of staying awake until midnight. Speaking at an event attended by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Bais stressed the importance of ensuring that students receive adequate sleep and urged policymakers to consider adjusting school timings accordingly.

Governor Bais asserted, “Due to the changing lifestyle, everyone’s sleeping times have changed. Children are awake till midnight. But children have to wake up early for school. Therefore, children do not get enough sleep. It is necessary to think in terms of getting good sleep for children. That is why we should think about changing the school timings.”

In an effort to alleviate the stress on students, the Governor launched the ‘Chief Minister My School, Beautiful School’ campaign at the same event. He instructed the Education Department to explore the promotion of e-classes as a means to reduce the burden of traditional notebooks. Bais suggested grading schools based on merit and awarding prizes to the best-performing institutions, fostering healthy competition and encouraging improvement.

Furthermore, Governor Bais recommended that teachers minimize homework assignments, making education more enjoyable for students. He emphasized the need for educators to focus on sports and other creative activities, acknowledging the changing dynamics of modern challenges. Bais advocated for the organization of lectures and sessions in schools to address the emerging issue of cybercrime and to safeguard students against potential threats.

Addressing the state of public libraries, Governor Bais expressed concern over their outdated resources. He proposed a rejuvenation plan for all libraries, including the introduction of internet facilities and computers. Bais called for the initiation of a library adoption scheme through the education department to ensure the modernization of these essential educational resources.

The program at Raj Bhavan also witnessed the launch of various initiatives for school students, including ‘Cleanliness Monitor-2,’ ‘Adopted School Activities,’ ‘Things Saturday,’ ‘My School, Majhi Parsbag,’ and ‘Enjoyable Reading.’ The event also marked the inauguration of new school buildings for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar, Rural Development Minister Girish Mahajan, Skill Development Minister Mangalprabhat Lodha, School Education Department Principal Secretary Ranjit Singh Deol, Commissioner Suraj Mandhare, and other dignitaries graced the occasion.


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