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Maharashtra Government Announces Temporary Contract Recruitment to Fill Urgent Vacancies

Pune | Maharashtra | September 15, 2023: The state government of Maharashtra has taken a significant step to tackle urgent recruitment needs in various departments. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, during a media interaction in Pune, announced the decision to hire on a contract basis to bridge the staffing gaps temporarily.

The Deputy Chief Minister emphasized that this decision wasn’t a long-term solution but a necessary measure to ensure essential services continue uninterrupted. Pawar clarified that the plan for contract recruitment was initiated during the previous Mahavikas Aghadi government’s tenure and urged opponents not to criticize the move.

Currently, the state is in the process of recruiting approximately 150,000 positions across various departments. Immediate recruitment is particularly expected in crucial sectors such as health, medicine, and education. The government cannot afford to leave these vacancies unfilled until permanent positions are filled, hence the decision to opt for contract recruitment in these areas.

Pawar also highlighted the shortage of teachers in some state schools, emphasizing the need to ensure education remains uninterrupted. To address this issue, the government has temporarily brought retired teachers on board.

The Deputy Chief Minister’s announcement aims to alleviate concerns among the state’s youth, assuring them that contract recruitment will be a temporary measure until permanent positions are secured.

In a related matter, Ajit Pawar mentioned the upcoming hearing regarding the NCP party and its symbol, scheduled for October 6. He expressed confidence in accepting the decision rendered by the Election Commission in this regard. Preparations for the hearing have been finalized, with both groups involved in the dispute scheduled to present their cases.

The Supreme Court has vested the Election Commission with the authority to make determinations on party symbols, and Ajit Pawar emphasized that both groups must respect the decision issued by the Commission.

As the state government takes these steps to address staffing shortages, the focus remains on ensuring the efficient functioning of essential services while working toward a long-term solution for recruitment.



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