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Maharashtra Farmers Face Double Crisis, Supriya Sule Calls for Urgent Action

NCP MP criticizes state government's inaction amid farmer struggles

November 29, 2023: In a distressing turn of events, the farmers of Maharashtra find themselves grappling with a dual onslaught of drought and unseasonal rain. Two consecutive days of unexpected rainfall accompanied by hail have resulted in substantial losses to crops, exacerbating the challenges faced by the already beleaguered agricultural community. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Member of Parliament, Supriya Sule, has stepped forward, demanding immediate relief measures for the affected farmers, including a comprehensive loan waiver.

Expressing her concern, Sule has not only called attention to the dire situation but has also criticized the state grand alliance government for its perceived inaction. In a scathing statement, she lamented that while the government eagerly awaits Delhi’s intervention to resolve internal disputes, it is disheartening that the same enthusiasm is not extended to address the plight of the distressed farmers.

Taking to Twitter, Supriya Sule emphasized the urgent need for government assistance, highlighting the gravity of the challenges faced by Maharashtra’s farmers due to the combined impact of drought and unseasonal rains. She questioned the government’s priorities, pointing out that the farmers, who form the backbone of the state, seem to be neglected in times of crisis.

In a pointed critique, Sule underscored the irony of the government’s prompt action when it comes to personal matters of leaders, contrasting it with the apparent indifference towards the farmers’ predicament. She questioned the government’s reluctance to expedite assistance to the beleaguered farmers, drawing attention to the disparity in responses to different sections of society.

Supriya Sule concluded her statement by urging the Maharashtra government to take immediate action. She called for a delegation to be sent to Delhi to secure prompt aid for the distressed farmers and insisted on the necessity of an immediate loan waiver to alleviate their financial burdens. As the agricultural community faces this challenging juncture, the spotlight is on the government to act swiftly and decisively in the interest of its farming population.


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