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Maharashtra Faces Multiple Challenges: Teacher’s Humiliation, Weather Damage, and Delhi’s Invisible Power

Supriya Sule Demands Answers from Education Minister; Criticizes Fadnavis and Raises Concerns over Delhi's Influence

Mumbai | November 27, 2023: Recent events in Maharashtra have thrust the state into a multifaceted crisis, ranging from the humiliation of a female teacher to extensive weather damage and the growing influence of an invisible power in Delhi.

Teacher Recruitment Scandal:

A female teacher, allegedly assaulted by Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar in Beed, has become a focal point of controversy. MP Supriya Sule, expressing concern, has accused the ruling BJP of consistently humiliating teachers. Sule emphasized that irrespective of political affiliations, the state, echoing the values of Shahu, Phule, Ambedkar, and Maharaj, should not tolerate such incidents. Even allies, Sule notes, have grown accustomed to the mistreatment of educators by the ruling party.

Sule has taken the matter to the government and called for immediate action. She demands justice for the victim and urges swift intervention to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. Sule plans to raise the issue with full vigor during the upcoming parliamentary session.

Weather Woes and Agricultural Crisis:

The state of Maharashtra is grappling with a severe drought situation exacerbated by unseasonal rains that have wreaked havoc on crops. Supriya Sule is urging the government to provide a swift loan waiver to affected farmers, estimating damages amounting to Rs. 2600 crore. Expressing concern over the slow response, she calls for urgent action from Delhi and assigns the Talathi Collector a three-day deadline to address the crisis.

Political Criticism and Stone Pelting Incidents:

Sule has not limited her criticism to the ruling party alone. She points out instances of stone-pelting, targeting BJP MPs and questions the efficiency of intelligence agencies. While distancing herself from personal vendettas, Sule criticizes former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on ideological grounds. She questions the rise in crime during Fadnavis’s tenure, citing data to support her argument.

Delhi’s Invisible Influence:

Highlighting a concerning trend, Sule remarks on the increasing influence of an invisible power in Delhi. She alleges that crucial decisions, including ministerial positions and transfers, are now orchestrated from the capital. Sule argues that this invisible force is actively working to diminish the importance of Maharashtra on the national stage. Drawing attention to the situation, she claims that leaders from various parties, including her own, have fallen victim to Delhi’s overarching influence.

In the face of these challenges, Maharashtra stands at a critical juncture, navigating through political scandals, weather-related crises, and the looming specter of external influence from the nation’s capital.


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