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Significant Decisions Taken in Maharashtra Cabinet Meeting

Toll on Shivdi Nhavasheva Sea Bridge and Milk Subsidy Among Ten Key Announcements

January 04, 2024: In a recent state cabinet meeting of the Shinde-Fadnavis-Pawar government, ten pivotal decisions were reached, addressing a spectrum of issues affecting Maharashtra. The gathering, which took place in the Ministry, delved into crucial matters concerning the state, resulting in significant policy changes.

Toll Fixed on Shivdi Nhavasheva Sea Bridge

One of the major decisions made during the meeting was the fixation of a toll on the Shivdi Nhavasheva Sea Bridge. Motorists traversing the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Shivdi Nhavasheva Atal Setu will now be required to pay a toll of Rs 250 for their vehicles. According to Girish Mahajan, this fee is considered economical and is anticipated to save both time and fuel. The Prime Minister is scheduled to inaugurate this bridge on the 23rd.

Subsidy for Milk Producers

Another significant announcement from the cabinet is the decision to provide a subsidy of Rs 5 per liter for milk producers. This move is expected to bring relief to the dairy farming community and bolster the milk production sector.

Other Key Decisions

Several other essential decisions were reached during the meeting, covering diverse areas:

  • Old Pension Scheme for Government Employees: Government employees joining after November 2005 now have the option to choose the old pension scheme, providing relief to them. This decision falls under the Finance Department.
  • Water Resources and Irrigation: The Wainganga-Nalganga project was approved to improve water availability and clear irrigation backlog in Vidarbha.
  • Financial Aid for Ministerial Clerks Typists: Ministerial clerks typists will receive a monthly allowance of Rs 5000, a move aimed at providing financial relief.
  • Capital Grant for Powerloom Cluster: The Ichalkaranji Powerloom Mega Cluster will receive a capital grant, benefiting around 400 industries in the textile sector.
  • Silk Industry Development: The “Silk Samagra 2” scheme will be implemented for the development of the silk industry, bringing substantial benefits to silk farmers.
  • Wine Industry Promotion: A scheme for the promotion of the wine industry, benefiting grape growers, will be implemented for seven years.
  • Transport Infrastructure: Approval of 750 crores was granted for expediting the new broad gauge project between Nanded and Bidar under the Department of Transport.
  • Cooperative Societies: The time limit for a motion of no confidence against officers of cooperative societies has been extended.

Girish Mahajan, who was present at the meeting, provided insights into some of the decisions. Notably, he emphasized the economical toll on the Shivdi Nhavasheva link and assured that the demands of employees regarding the old pension would be met. Additionally, he mentioned the subsidy of Rs 5 per liter for milk producers, marking a positive development for the agricultural sector.


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