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Maharashtra Cabinet Approves 500 Crore Fund for Minority Student Development

State Cabinet Meeting - Brief Decision

December 01, 2023: In a significant move, the Maharashtra Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, has approved a fund of 500 crores for the development of minority students in the state. The decision was made during today’s cabinet meeting, where various crucial matters were discussed. The cabinet meeting addressed several pressing issues, and decisions were made to tackle challenges faced by different sectors in the state.

Consolidated Panchnama and Relief for Weather-Affected Areas: One of the key decisions involves the immediate submission of consolidated Panchnama for weather-affected areas. This step aims to facilitate compensation to farmers who have suffered losses due to unseasonal rain. The state has witnessed significant damage to crop water, affecting over one lakh hectares.

Support for Places Damaged by Unseasonal Rain: To address the damages caused by unseasonal rain, the cabinet decided to extend assistance to affected areas. Notably, the assistance limit has been increased from two hectares to three hectares, aligning with NDRF rules.

Minority Community Development: Minister of State Abdul Sattar highlighted the allocation of substantial funds to the minority community. With over 500 crores earmarked for their development, this move is expected to pave the way for significant progress within the minority community.

Other Cabinet Decisions: The cabinet meeting covered a range of topics, showcasing a proactive approach to governance. Some notable decisions include a 50 percent reduction in flat transfer fees for slum rehabilitation, providing relief to slum dwellers. Additionally, the Chief Minister announced the initiation of the “My School, Beautiful School” campaign, focusing on the evaluation of schools in the state, with 478 schools to be assessed in the first phase.

Other decisions encompassed the rapid construction of Marathi language buildings, increased government guarantees for the Maulana Azad Minority Economic Development Corporation, and the revision of retirement salaries for Industrial and Labor Court Judges. The implementation of the Maharashtra Stamp Duty Abhay Yojana 2023 is expected to significantly boost revenue. Furthermore, an amendment to the Act for Occupancy Class 1 Land will benefit tenant farmers of the Agriculture Corporation.

The comprehensive approach taken by the Maharashtra Cabinet reflects a commitment to addressing diverse challenges and fostering overall development in the state.


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