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Russia’s Lunar Dream Shattered: Luna 25 Probe Crash-Lands on Moon

Russia's long-awaited lunar mission faces disaster as 'Luna 25' probe crashes on Moon's surface, ending its dreams of exploration.

New Delhi | August 20, 2023 : Russia’s ambitious lunar venture has met a bitter end. After nearly half a century, Russia’s space agency Roscosmos experienced a crushing blow as its lunar probe, ‘Luna 25,’ crashed onto the Moon’s surface. Launched on August 11, the probe was poised to make history, but technical glitches thwarted its mission.

Roscosmos confirmed the distressing news, admitting an error in their data analysis that led to this setback. The agency had encountered communication issues with the probe since its launch, with no solutions in sight. As per initial evaluations, Luna 25 met its unfortunate fate on the Moon’s south pole.

Hopes were high when Russia attempted to achieve lunar orbit before landing. Yet, the spacecraft failed to reach the intended orbit at 4:40 PM IST on Saturday, dashing all aspirations. The lunar probe was initially slated to touch down near the Boguslavsky Crater on the Moon’s southern hemisphere, aiming for an August 21 landing – preceding India’s Chandrayaan 3 mission.

Roscosmos detailed that an emergency situation disrupted Luna 25’s attempt to achieve orbit before landing, foiling its carefully laid plans. The spacecraft, which was anticipated to touch down on the Moon between August 21 and 22, was launched with the goal of outpacing India’s Chandrayaan 3.

In a tragic turn of events, Russia’s post-conflict reentry into major space exploration has hit a stumbling block. The failure to propel Luna 25 to its intended destination has quashed Russia’s dream of being the first to make a mark at the Moon’s South Pole, ahead of India’s lunar mission.

This incident marks a poignant reminder that space exploration is not without its challenges and uncertainties, even for nations with extensive spacefaring histories. The crash of Luna 25 serves as a testament to the intricacies and risks that underlie every venture into the great unknown.



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