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Lok Sabha Election Survey: NDA Projected to Lead, India Aghadi Gains Ground

India Today's Voter Predicts Political Landscape in Lok Sabha Elections, Sheds Light on Maharashtra's Political Scenario

New Delhi | August 25, 2023: The recently unveiled Lok Sabha Election Survey by India Today C Voter has cast a spotlight on potential outcomes. If elections were to be held today, the survey projects a continuation of the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, the India Aghadi shows substantial growth, posing a significant challenge to Modi’s leadership as the opposition numbers in the Lok Sabha are anticipated to swell. Notably, the survey forecasts a prominent role for the Maharashtrata Mahavikas Aghadi, while casting doubts on the grand alliance’s performance. A significant twist also emerges as the Shinde group appears poised for a major setback in these elections.

Conducted by India Today See Voter, the survey envisions NDA securing 306 seats, with India Aghadi gaining ground at 193 seats. The rest are expected to clinch 44 seats. Among the parties, BJP emerges as the frontrunner, projected to seize 287 seats. The survey underscores that Congress is likely to remain below the 100-seat mark, with an estimated 74 seats. The remaining 182 seats are divided among other parties.

The projection of 306 seats for NDA and 193 seats for India Aghadi forecasts a considerable shift in India’s political landscape. This shift is expected to magnify the strength of the opposition in the upcoming Lok Sabha, intensifying the challenges faced by the Modi government. The dynamics could further change if additional parties align with the India Alliance. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the survey reflects the current sentiment, with elections still a year away and voter preferences subject to change.

Within Maharashtra, the political scene is colored by the splintering of Shiv Sena and NCP into factions. These offshoot groups have joined hands with BJP, yet the grand alliance’s anticipated strength appears elusive. Surprisingly, despite the factionalism, the Mahavikas Aghadi stands strong, overshadowing the divided opposition. The survey estimates Mahavikas Aghadi to secure 28 seats and Mahayuti 20 seats if elections were held today.

The survey’s analysis takes a specific toll on the Shinde group, which currently boasts 13 MPs. According to the survey’s predictions, the Shinde and Ajitdada groups combined are expected to secure just 5 seats, highlighting a significant decline. The projection assigns BJP the lead with 15 seats, Congress with 10 seats, and a combined tally of 18 seats for Thackeray and Sharad Pawar’s factions.

As the nation awaits the elections, this survey sets the stage for a potentially transformative political landscape, underscoring the evolving alliances, shifts in party fortunes, and the emergence of new contenders.



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