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Konkan Railway Joins Forces with National Highways for Tunnel Safety

Important Decision After Uttarakhand Incident: 41 Laborers Trapped in Tunnels

November 25, 2023: In the aftermath of the tunnel collapse incident in Uttarakhand that left 41 laborers trapped, the Konkan Railway Corporation has taken a crucial step towards ensuring tunnel safety on highways. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been inked between the National Highway Authority and Konkan Railway Corporation to address the rising concerns over tunnel construction safety.

Under this agreement, Konkan Railway Corporation is set to play a vital role in tunnel projects of the National Highways Department. This involves a comprehensive review of design, drawing, and safety aspects related to tunnel construction and slope stabilization. Additionally, Konkan Railway will conduct safety inspections of tunnels, providing remedial measures if necessary. To enhance capacity building, Konkan Railway will also initiate training programs for highway officers.

The incident in Uttarakhand, where 41 laborers were trapped but successfully rescued, prompted the National Highways Department to adopt a cautious stance. In response, a decision was made to conduct a safety audit of all tunnel works across the country. The MoU with Konkan Railway Corporation marks a significant development in reinforcing safety measures.

With this collaboration, Konkan Railway will undertake safety audits for all 29 under-construction tunnels nationwide. The aim is to ensure strict adherence to high-quality standards and bolster safety protocols during the construction of tunnels on highways. This proactive initiative by Konkan Railway adds another layer of success to its ongoing endeavors, emphasizing the commitment to the safety of workers and the integrity of infrastructure projects.


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