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Kangana Ranaut Alleges Fake Account Activity on Social Media

Mumbai, July 30, 2023: In a recent development, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has taken to social media to express her concerns about people misusing her name. She has indicated towards certain individuals who are operating a non-genuine account under her name, misleading her followers and admirers. Reports suggest that Kangana has urged the Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch to look into the matter.

“Beware of Imposters,” Kangana Warns

Kangana has been vocal about her views on social media, often engaging with her fans and taking a stand against the Bollywood ‘mafia’ and ‘gang’. Recently, she approached the Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch to investigate this matter. She shared a screenshot of a message she received, where someone was running a fake account in her name, pretending to be her online manager named “Laura.”

Fans’ Likes and Comments Misused

The fraudulent account has been asking Kangana’s fans to choose their preferences based on likes and comments on her verified account. Kangana, who values her followers’ opinions and likes to interact with them, found this concerning. The misleading account owner has been encouraging people to interact with the fake account, using Kangana’s name.

Kangana Denies Any Connection

Reacting to the situation, Kangana Ranaut firmly stated that she has no association with any online manager named “Laura” and warned her followers not to believe any such claims. She reiterated that she has no online manager or any involvement with this matter. Kangana further clarified that her focus remains on her work, and she is not associated with any “gang” or “mafia” as mentioned in some posts.

Stay Vigilant, Avoid Fake Accounts

This incident serves as a reminder for everyone to be cautious while interacting on social media platforms. Imposters and fake accounts can deceive users, leading to potential scams or misinformation. Always verify the authenticity of accounts before engaging with them.

Kangana Ranaut’s case is yet another example of the importance of online security and vigilance in today’s digital age.



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