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K.R.K. Arrested in Mumbai Amidst Allegations Against Salman Khan

Arrested Actor-Critic K.R.K. Accuses Salman Khan of Conspiring Against Him

Mumbai | 25-Dec-2023: In a surprising turn of events, actor-critic Kamal R. Khan, popularly known as K.R.K., has been arrested in Mumbai in connection with a 2016 case. KRK, who is renowned for his candid and satirical reviews of Bollywood movies, disclosed the news through his social media handle, X.

Expressing his shock and dismay, KRK tweeted, “I have been in Mumbai for the last one year, attending all my court dates regularly. Today, as I was heading to Dubai for New Year, the Mumbai police arrested me at the airport. According to the police, I am wanted in a 2016 case.”

However, the arrest did not just end there. KRK took to Twitter once again, making serious allegations against Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. He claimed, “Salman Khan is saying that his film #Tiger3 is a flop because of me. If I die under any circumstances in the police station or jail, you all should know that it is murder. And you know who is responsible for this.”

This isn’t the first legal entanglement for Kamal R. Khan. In 2022, he faced arrest twice. Initially, for sharing allegedly controversial tweets about late actors Irrfan and Rishi Kapoor, and later in September, he was arrested again, this time for allegations of sexually assaulting his fitness trainer.

As the controversy unfolds, Bollywood enthusiasts are closely watching the developments, awaiting further details on the arrest and the subsequent allegations made by KRK against Salman Khan.



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