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Calls for SIT Investigations Echo: Aditya Thackeray and Justice Loya Cases under Scrutiny

Justice Loya's mysterious death and the Disha Salian case involving Aditya Thackeray have taken center stage, with ruling MLAs pressing for Special Investigation Team (SIT) probes. Leader of Opposition Ambadas Danve demands transparency in these cases.

Nagpur | December 12,2023 : In a recent turn of events, the ruling MLAs of the state are urging a Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe into the Disha Salian death case involving Aditya Thackeray. Simultaneously, Ambadas Danve, the leader of the Thackeray group and Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council, has called for an SIT investigation into the mysterious death of Justice Loya.

Justice Loya’s demise occurred in the vice capital, and Ambadas Danve, speaking to media representatives in the Vidhan Bhavan area, emphasized the need for a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Loya’s death.

While some MLAs from the ruling party have persistently advocated for an SIT investigation into Aditya Thackeray’s role in the Disha Salian case, multiple inquiries have been conducted, yielding no evidence of wrongdoing. Furthermore, Disha Salian’s family has not raised any complaints regarding the investigations. Similarly, in Justice Loya’s case, the family has not expressed concerns, but Danve believes that an SIT should be established to uncover the truth behind his suspicious death in Nagpur.

Responding to the demands, questions were raised about the actions taken during the two and a half years the government was in power. Nitesh Rane, a BJP MLA, questioned why an SIT was not initiated during that time for the Justice Loya case. Anil Parab, shedding light on events, mentioned a party held at actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s house and suggested an inquiry to address the allegations.

MLA Nitesh Rane further emphasized the need for transparency, urging that those making allegations, including himself, be called for an inquiry. He expressed the desire for clarity, stating, “Dudhka becomes milk and Panika becomes water,” metaphorically highlighting the need for truth and transparency in these investigations. As the demands for SIT investigations grow louder, the state awaits a resolution to these contentious cases.


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