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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows Indefinite Gaza Occupation for Security

Gaza Conflict Escalates as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Declares Indefinite Occupation for Security

November 07, 2023: In a resolute address to the nation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that Israel would assume full responsibility for security in Gaza after the ongoing war. He firmly asserted that Israeli forces would remain stationed in Gaza indefinitely, marking a significant development in the ongoing conflict.

Netanyahu’s strong statements resonated globally as he framed the current conflict as more than a localized struggle. He characterized it as a world war, underlining the importance of defeating Hamas and achieving victory. “We will defeat Hamas and eliminate them,” he declared. Netanyahu stressed that even after the war concludes, Israel’s military presence will persist in the Gaza Strip, ensuring security and stability.

The Prime Minister’s commitment to a prolonged Israeli presence in Gaza was explicit. He stated, “I think Israel is going to take over security in Gaza indefinitely. That’s because we’ve seen what happens when it doesn’t. When we don’t take over security, we have to deal with Hamas terrorism. Didn’t even think about it.” This statement came in response to claims by Israeli officials that there were no plans to occupy Gaza post-war.

Israel has continued its offensive with both ground and air strikes on Hamas positions within the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu framed the conflict as a battle between civilization and barbarism, issuing a dire warning that the Middle East’s surrender to terrorism could extend its reach to Europe, jeopardizing the safety of nations across the region.

The current escalation can be traced back to October 7, when Hamas launched a fierce attack on Israel, a nation known for its military prowess. The attack resulted in the loss of 1,400 lives. Netanyahu firmly expressed that Israel would not halt its operations until Hamas was eradicated. He also placed the blame for this axis of terrorism on the leadership of Iran, encompassing groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, and their affiliates.

Tragically, the conflict has taken a devastating toll on Palestinian civilians, with more than 10,000 lives lost in the ongoing war. Israel’s military has systematically targeted Hamas positions through airstrikes and ground operations. Just yesterday, Israel successfully destroyed 450 Hamas sites and captured a significant military complex belonging to the group in Gaza City.

In a major blow to Hamas, Israeli forces eliminated Wael Assefa, the commander of Hamas’s Deir al-Balah battalion. Assefa was instrumental in orchestrating the attack on Israeli civilians on October 7. Additionally, based on intelligence reports, IDF planes executed an airstrike that resulted in the death of Jamal Musa, the head of Hamas’s special security operations.

As the conflict rages on, the international community watches with growing concern, while Netanyahu’s resolve to maintain Israeli security control in Gaza indefinitely continues to shape the dynamics of this ongoing war.


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