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Israel Protests Strongly Against Sanjay Raut’s Controversial Hitler Remark

Shiv Sena Leader Faces Backlash from Israel, Embassy Sends Letter to Indian Government

November 25, 2023: Israel has lodged a formal complaint with the Indian government over a controversial statement made by Sanjay Raut, the leader of Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray group. The dispute arose when Raut commented on the situation in a Gaza hospital, posting on November 14 in Hindi, “Why did Hitler hate the Jewish community so much? Do you understand now?” Although Raut later deleted the tweet, the Israeli authorities had already captured a screenshot and attached it to an email sent to the Indian government, demanding action.

In response, the Israeli Embassy has written a strongly worded letter to India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, expressing their objection to Raut’s remarks about Jews. According to political sources, the embassy has emphasized the need for Shiv Sena’s Rajya Sabha MP, Sanjay Raut, to understand the gravity of his words and how they have adversely impacted the strong bond between India and Israel.

In the letter, Israel expressed surprise at an Indian MP engaging in what they termed as ‘anti-Semitism’ in a manner never witnessed before. Israel emphasized the shocking nature of Raut’s statements, as reported by PTI. Sanjay Raut, however, defended his comments, stating that his intention was to criticize the actions of Hamas and highlight the lack of humanity in the conflict.

This incident follows a pattern of Sanjay Raut making controversial statements regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, including comparing the BJP to a terrorist group and accusing India of supporting Israel due to the alleged provision of spying software Pegasus. The embassy’s letter comes a month after Raut’s contentious tweet, raising questions about the diplomatic fallout and the delicate nature of international relations.

The Israeli government’s demand for Raut to be made aware of the impact of his statements reflects the sensitivity surrounding issues that have the potential to strain diplomatic ties between nations.


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