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Israel Gives Gaza Citizens 3 Hours to Evacuate as Conflict Nears End

Israel's IDF Sets Deadline for Gaza Residents to Leave; Prime Minister Visits Troops

October 15, 2023: The conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has raged for the past week, is reaching its final stages. Israel, determined to assert its dominance and having warned Hamas of a heavy price, is now urging the citizens of Gaza to evacuate. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has provided a three-hour window for the residents of Gaza, instructing them to travel from northern Gaza to the south in an effort to ensure their safety.

The IDF has announced, “We would like to inform you that the IDF will not conduct any operations on this route from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. In the meantime, please travel south through northern Gaza. Go while there is an opportunity to leave. The safety of you and your family is paramount. Please follow our order and head south. Rest assured, Hamas leaders have already arranged for their and their family’s security.”

Israel’s determination to bring an end to the conflict is evident as Israeli forces have entered the Gaza Strip with the primary objective of eliminating Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces have seen tanks and armored vehicles continuously crossing into the Gaza border. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally arrived outside the Gaza Strip on Saturday to show support to the soldiers and emphasize Israel’s commitment to rooting out Hamas. A massive deployment of 300,000 soldiers now surrounds Gaza on all four sides.

The toll from this week-long war is deeply distressing, with 1,300 Israeli casualties, including deaths and injuries, and 1,900 Hamas casualties, alongside 8,000 injuries. Israel has conducted over 6,000 airstrikes, while Hamas has retaliated with around 3,000 attacks. Israel launches approximately 700 rocket attacks each day, while Hamas responds with roughly 400.

As the situation nears a resolution, the world watches anxiously, hoping for a lasting peace in the region.


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