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Israel-Gaza Conflict Escalates: Blockade Ordered

Israel-Gaza Conflict Takes a Deadly Turn with Music Festival Attack

October 12, 2023: The Israel-Gaza conflict has taken a disturbing turn as Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, has ordered a total blockade of the Gaza Strip. This order entails a complete cutoff of electricity, food, and fuel supplies to the region. The tensions have escalated, and the Israel Army has reported a significant increase in attacks on Hamas centers.

The recent attack on the Supernova Music Festival, eagerly awaited by music lovers, has shaken the region. The festival, set in the southern deserts of Israel, became one of Hamas’s initial targets when they attacked Israel on October 7.

A video of the attack at the festival went viral, capturing a man running across a desert plain. An eyewitness described how the rocket warning siren sounded, indicating the impending danger. Chaos ensued as the extremists arrived, cutting off electricity and opening fire on fleeing people, even targeting cars.

Since the attack by Hamas extremists on October 7, over 700 people have lost their lives, while more than 400 people have been killed in Israeli retaliatory strikes. The number of injured individuals in the region has exceeded 2,300, overwhelming Gaza’s hospitals.

Rescuers are struggling to recover the bodies of over 250 victims from the Supernova Music Festival site. A German mother has reported her daughter missing, suspecting that the fundamentalists may have kidnapped her. Several American citizens and ten Nepali students have also lost their lives in the ongoing conflict.

Iran’s supreme leader, Sayyid Ali Hussein Khomeini, has expressed support for Hamas’s attack on Israel through social media, further complicating the situation.

Israel has retaliated, resulting in the death of over 100 civilians and injuries to more than 985 individuals in rocket attacks by Hamas. The Palestinian extremist group has infiltrated Israel, leading to clashes in 22 different locations. The Israeli military is making efforts to rescue hostages in two locations, although the exact number of hostages remains undisclosed.

Local Palestinian officials have reported that Israel’s retaliatory action has killed 198 people and wounded 1,000, causing extensive destruction. Israel has launched multiple airstrikes in response to the attacks, claiming more lives and injuries.

To protect the safety of civilians in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army has advised people in seven different areas to relocate to the city center or seek shelter in camps. The US President, Joe Biden, expressed full support for Israel’s self-defense during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The Embassy of India in Israel has issued a statement, urging Indian citizens in Israel to remain vigilant and follow local authorities’ instructions. The situation has escalated as Israel continues to launch attacks on the Gaza Strip, deploying its reserve army force to target military bases and Hamas headquarters.

World leaders have voiced their concerns over the Israel-Gaza conflict, with the US, India, France, Germany, and the European Commission condemning the violence and calling for an immediate ceasefire. Russia has called for restraint.

Advisers to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei have expressed support for the Palestinian attack on Israel, further complicating the international response to the conflict.

In light of the escalating situation, the Indian Embassy in Israel has issued essential guidelines for Indian citizens, emphasizing vigilance and adherence to safety regulations. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is intensifying, and the world watches with bated breath as the situation continues to unfold.

This conflict is part of a long-standing dispute between Israel and Palestine, rooted in historical and territorial disagreements dating back to the mid-20th century. The conflict’s origins and complexities make it a challenge to resolve, and the international community remains deeply concerned about the escalating violence.


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