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Investigation Ordered by Central Agency on Allegations of Sexual Abuse on Two Women in Manipur

In response to allegations of group sexual abuse on two women in Manipur, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been tasked with conducting an investigation. Concurrently, an anti-government protest, demanding independent administration for the Kuki community, took place in Imphal. During the protest, members of the “Manipur Ekatmata Samanvay Samiti” (Manipur Unity Coordination Committee) also reached the state.

Central Ministry Directs CBI to Investigate Violence in Manipur

The decision to hand over the investigation of six cases related to violence in Manipur to the CBI came as per the direction of the Central Ministry of Home Affairs. Among these cases, the CBI will also look into the matter of sexual abuse associated with the Manipuri violence. The government took this step to ensure a fair and impartial investigation.

Protesters Demand Independent Administration for Kuki Community

On Saturday, the “Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum” from Manipur wrote a letter to the Indian authorities, seeking the implementation of President’s rule and granting autonomy to the state’s administration. The demand for independent administration for the Kuki community was also a part of their request. The total population of the Meitei community in Manipur stands at 53%, while the Adivasi-Naga-Kuki communities make up about 40% of the population, residing mainly in the hill districts.

Allegations of Mismanagement and Discontent in Kuki Community

Among the Adivasi communities, the Kuki society in Manipur has accused the administration of complete mismanagement. Ten legislators from the Kuki community had earlier demanded independent administration for the Kukis, but they failed to specify the details or the areas for which they sought separate administration. Moreover, a committee that was organizing the protest in Delhi, led by the former militant Kuki bandhkoras (extortionists), announced its opposition to the alleged negotiations.

Timeline of the Incident

On May 4th, two women were stripped naked and sexually abused in Manipur, which led to outrage across the country after the incident was covered by the media. The police registered a case of abduction, gang rape, and murder in response to the incident. Since the violence in Manipur, several people have been victims of various incidents of violence and unrest.



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