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Indian Government Clarifies AIIMS Patients’ Condition Unrelated to China’s Pneumonia Virus

AIIMS Denies Presence of Chinese Pneumonia Virus Amidst Growing Concerns

December 07, 2023: In a recent turn of events, AIIMS Hospital in Delhi found itself at the center of a growing controversy regarding the presence of a mysterious virus. Reports had circulated, suggesting that seven individuals at AIIMS were infected with the pneumonia virus originating in China. However, the hospital administration has vehemently denied these claims, stating that the patients are suffering from pneumonia unrelated to the Chinese disease.

Contrary to the initial speculations, the central government issued a statement on Thursday afternoon (December 7), clarifying the situation. The government asserted that the patients admitted to AIIMS were indeed diagnosed with pneumonia but emphasized that it had no connection with the virus that had caused a global pandemic originating in Wuhan, China.

The Department of Microbiology at AIIMS conducted thorough tests on 611 samples since January 2023, with none testing positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae—the specific strain linked to the Chinese pneumonia virus. The health department, in collaboration with the central government, is actively monitoring the situation to ensure public health and safety.

Earlier reports had raised concerns by suggesting that these pneumonia cases in AIIMS dated back to April-September, preceding the official discovery of the virus in China. However, the timeline contradicts the information provided by the Chinese health department, which reported the first case of the new pneumonia virus in October 2023. On November 23, 2023, Chinese media outlets expressed alarm over the spread of this mysterious virus within the country.

Meanwhile, in China, school students were reported to have contracted the disease, exhibiting symptoms such as lung inflammation, high fever, cough, and cold. The Indian Health Ministry, anticipating the potential threat, had issued guidelines to all states and Union Territories ten days prior, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and preventive measures.

As the situation unfolds, both national and international health authorities are closely monitoring developments to ensure the swift containment of any potential health risks. AIIMS, while addressing the concerns, continues to provide necessary medical care to the affected patients, emphasizing the importance of accurate information dissemination during such critical times.


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