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India Reiterates Stance on Israel-Hamas War

India labels Hamas attack as 'terrorism,' calls for peace in Israel-Palestine conflict

October 13, 2023: In a significant development amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, India reaffirmed its position by denouncing the recent attack by Hamas militants on October 7 as a ‘terrorist act.’ The Indian Ministry of External Affairs clarified its stance on Thursday, emphasizing its continued support for the independence of Palestine and the necessity of peaceful negotiations to ensure the coexistence of Israel and Palestine.

Israel’s Warning Against Future Strikes

Israel issued a stark warning on Friday, asserting that it will neither target nor tolerate attacks on the Gaza Strip in the past or the future. This declaration follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to eradicating Hamas and signals Israel’s preparation for a substantial offensive.

In a strong message to the citizens of the Gaza Strip, Israel urged them to evacuate the area before any potential military action. Israeli security forces communicated an emergency warning to the 1 million Palestinian residents living in the northern Gaza Strip, emphasizing the need to vacate the area promptly. Israel also notified the United Nations of these developments.

A Rapid Evacuation Order

In a midnight statement to the United Nations on Friday, Israel conveyed its directive for Palestinian citizens residing in the northern part of the Gaza Strip to relocate to the southern region within 24 hours. The United Nations spokesperson confirmed that Israel had issued this evacuation notice, raising concerns about the potential escalation of hostilities in the region.

On the Brink of a Ground Offensive

Recent airstrikes in the Gaza Strip by Israel over the past six days have raised tensions. The warning issued through the United Nations suggests the possibility of a ground attack on the Gaza Strip today, Friday, October 13. This resurgence of the Israel-Palestine conflict stems from the invasion of Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas, on October 7, resulting in the tragic loss of life in several villages. The Wadi Gaza region is home to approximately 1.1 million Palestinian citizens caught in the crossfire.

India’s Ongoing Support for Peace

Despite condemning the October 7 attack by Hamas militants as an act of terrorism, India maintains its unwavering support for the cause of Palestinian independence. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs reiterated its commitment to seeking a peaceful resolution through dialogue to foster harmonious coexistence for Israel and Palestine. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier expressed his solidarity with Israel through social media, reinforcing India’s steadfast stance in the ongoing conflict.


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