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India Aghadi’s Challenge: Beyond Individual Victories, a Call for Unified Front

Sanjay Nirupam Urges Unity Beyond Wins and Losses in Maharashtra Politics

December 30, 2023: In a strategic move that reflects the current dynamics within Maharashtra politics, Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam has emphasized the need for a united front, stating that victories for individual parties like Shiv Sena or Congress do not equate to an India Aghadi triumph. Addressing recent developments, Nirupam highlighted the significance of looking beyond the electoral wins and losses.

“Nirupam said on this occasion that Shiv Sena won, Congress won does not mean India Aghadi won, for that all parties have to win,” stressed the Congress leader during a press interaction in Mumbai. He acknowledged the strength of Shiv Sena but underscored that the 2019 results, pre-dating the split, should not serve as a reference point. He urged parties to prioritize collaboration over internal conflicts to effectively challenge the BJP.

Nirupam called attention to the fact that no elections have been held since the split between the Shiv Sena and Congress a year and a half ago. He cautioned against underestimating the Congress party and asserted that for a meaningful victory against the BJP, internal disputes must be set aside. “If you want to defeat BJP, then don’t fight among yourselves. You cannot underestimate Congress,” he emphasized.

Responding to comments from Sanjay Raut, MP of the Uddhav Thackeray faction of Shiv Sena, Nirupam stated, “Raut’s memory may have deteriorated.” He questioned Raut’s engagement with journalists while discussions were purportedly ongoing with Congress leaders. “Our people are in touch with him for all these discussions,” Nirupam clarified.

The Congress leader urged for a halt to daily press conferences by Sanjay Raut, emphasizing the need for unity ahead of the upcoming elections. “Sanjay Raut should stop holding press conferences every day. If he speaks for BJP every hour, it gives bad publicity. We are with them; if they say something like this about India Aghadi, we will face the election together,” asserted Nirupam.

As Maharashtra’s political landscape evolves, Nirupam’s call for unity beyond party victories serves as a crucial reminder of the collective effort required to navigate the intricate web of alliances and challenges in the state. The coming together of Congress, Shiv Sena, NCP, and Vanchit in the Lok Sabha discussions signals a potential shift towards a more collaborative approach, setting the stage for the upcoming electoral deliberations.


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