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Inauguration of Chandni Chowk Flyover: A Breakthrough for Pune’s Traffic Woes

Pune | Aug 12, 2023: In a significant development for the city of Pune, the newly inaugurated Chandni Chowk flyover promises to bring relief to residents from the persistent traffic congestion that has plagued this bustling area. The inauguration ceremony for the flyover, held in grand style, was graced by none other than Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

While the mention of Chandni Chowk typically conjures up images of the iconic market street in Delhi, not many were aware of a similarly named location in Pune. However, the Pune Chandni Chowk has been in the spotlight recently, with the inauguration of the flyover marking a turning point for the area. Situated in the Kothrud neighborhood of Pune, Chandni Chowk has had its share of traffic woes in the past, prompting several changes to be made to alleviate the issue.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, speaking at the event, revealed that the bridge was initially proposed to be named “NDA Chowk.” However, the name “Chandni Chowk” was chosen due to an intriguing piece of local history. According to elders, the original bridge had a moon symbol carved on a stone, giving rise to the name “Chandni Chowk,” which translates to “Moonlight Square.”

Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had an interesting perspective on the name’s origin, suggesting that the area was dubbed Chandni Chowk because, amidst the traffic chaos, the sunlight filtering through the congestion gave the impression of moonlight during the daytime. This unique feature, he argued, inspired the choice of the name.

As discussions about the name continued, Nitin Gadkari took a conciliatory stance. He proposed that the decision regarding the new name of Chandni Chowk should be made jointly by two prominent local figures, Chandrakant Patil and Ajit Pawar, affectionately referred to as “dadas.” Gadkari pledged his approval for their choice, bringing a sense of unity and optimism to those present at the event.

Despite being referred to as a “Chowk” (square), this location is more than just a junction of four roads. It has been suggested that the streets here evoke the charm of moonlit nights, leading to the name “Chandni Chowk.” Additionally, some speculate that the intricate road network in the area justifies the selection of this evocative name.

The inauguration of the Chandni Chowk flyover marks a positive step forward for Pune, promising smoother journeys and reduced traffic congestion for its residents. As the area’s name is reevaluated, the story of Chandni Chowk continues to capture the imagination of both locals and visitors alike.



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