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Government’s Race Against Time to Secure Maratha Reservation as Deadline Nears

As the ultimatum set by Manoj Jarange Patil approaches, the government rushes to address the Maratha community's reservation demand.

October 18, 2023: With only one week remaining before the ultimatum given by Manoj Jarange Patil expires, questions loom over how the government plans to fulfill the Maratha community’s reservation demand. The state government has repeatedly committed to granting reservation to the Maratha community without affecting the existing OBC reservation, but concrete details on the implementation remain elusive. The challenge of ensuring Maratha reservation within a tight 7-day deadline raises questions about constitutional changes, the formula to be employed, and the logistics of implementation.

To provide reservation to any community, specific criteria must be met, necessitating a thorough examination of social and economic conditions. The legislative approval of a backwardness report is another essential step. However, as the deadline approaches, these critical questions remain unanswered. Jarange-Patil, in a bid to exert pressure, has warned of potential unrest if the government fails to meet the deadline, beginning his second tour from Shivneri Fort on October 19.

Legal experts within the Maratha community have expressed reservations about exceeding the 52 percent reservation limit, emphasizing the complexity of the issue. A conference in Kolhapur has been convened to discuss Maratha reservation within the legal framework.

The path to securing Maratha reservation is fraught with legal complexities, with a curative petition already filed by the state government in the Supreme Court. There is growing skepticism among legal experts about the feasibility of granting reservation to the Maratha community within the existing legal constraints. As the deadline draws nearer, the lack of concrete information about the government’s plan has fueled concerns regarding how they will fulfill their promise to Jarange Patil and provide reservation within just seven days.

In response to Jarange Patil’s ultimatum, the government has initiated a series of meetings and discussions. A recent meeting of the Maratha sub-committee took place at the Ministry to explore the possibilities of granting reservation to the Maratha community. Chandrakant Patil, Girish Mahajan, Pravin Darekar, and Narendra Patil, along with officers and legal experts, participated in the discussions. Following this, members of the Maratha sub-committee are set to engage in discussions with the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to chart a course forward in these final seven days.

As the clock ticks down, the Maratha community’s future in the realm of reservations hangs in the balance, leaving many eager to see how the government plans to address the issue and meet the looming deadline.


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