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Government of State Expands Contractual Recruitment, Raising Concerns Over Reservation and Quality

Maharashtra | September 12, 2023: In a significant shift from traditional direct recruitment, the [State] government has expanded the use of contract employees across all key government positions. On September 6, 2023, contracts were granted to nine companies, some of which operate outside the state. While the state has been witnessing a growing demand for reservation policies, this decision appears to undermine such efforts and may spark controversy.

Until now, government employees were primarily selected through competitive examinations. However, a limited number of workers were hired on a contract basis for a six-year term. This arrangement predominantly applied to lower-ranking positions such as constables and cleaners. However, the recent decision expands this practice to include highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled employees, each with a fixed salary. Nine companies have been authorized to carry out these recruitments.

The concept of reservation in government employment was originally intended to provide opportunities for the Bahujan community. However, the government’s shift towards contract recruitment threatens to undermine these reservation policies, which has led to widespread protests across the state.

Under the new system, all government offices will be staffed by private companies, with these companies assuming full responsibility for appointing officers. The government will be responsible for paying the salaries, with companies receiving a 15 percent commission. This policy applies not only to government offices but also extends to semi-government entities, corporations, and local self-government organizations. It encompasses over 150 different job positions, ranging from engineers and managers to researchers, superintendents, project coordinators, consultants, and librarians. As a result, government offices will now be filled with contractual employees from officers to support staff.

This decision has not only raised concerns about the erosion of reservation policies but also about the quality and transparency of the hiring process. Critics argue that privatization may lead to favoritism, jeopardizing the recruitment of the most qualified individuals.

The companies awarded contracts for recruitment are:

  1. Accent Tech
  2. CMSIT
  3. CSCE Governance
  4. InnoWave IT
  5. Crystal Incorporated
  6. S-2 Infotech
  7. Soldier Intelligence
  8. Singh Intelligence
  9. Urmila International

Advantages of this decision include a projected reduction of government expenditure by twenty to thirty percent, the convenience of direct salary deposits into bank accounts, and the fixed salary structure that benefits employees. However, concerns over reservation and transparency in recruitment continue to loom large, fueling ongoing protests and debates across the state.



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