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Gopichand Padalkar Urges Dhangar Community to Fight for Reservation

Padalkar's strong criticism of Sharad Pawar's NT reservation decision

Kolhapur | October 17,2023: Gopichand Padalkar, the BJP MLA, has called on the Dhangar community to take to the streets if they encounter any challenges in their ongoing battle for reservation. Speaking at a Dhangar Jagar Yatra in Kolhapur’s Pattankodoli, he criticized Sharad Pawar’s decision to provide Dhangars with reservation under the NT (Nomadic Tribe) category, calling it a game that has damaged the community.

With 170 pieces of evidence now filed in favor of Dhangar reservation in the court, the community’s long-standing demand for reservation is reaching a critical juncture. The results of the court proceedings are expected to be announced by December. Padalkar, in his address, urged the Dhangar community to mobilize on the streets if the legal battle becomes challenging.

Gopichand Padalkar’s Dhangar Jagar Yatra reached Kolhapur, where he was welcomed warmly by the community at Pattankodoli’s Birdev Mandir. During a Jagar Sabha held at the temple, Padalkar emphasized the community’s decades-long struggle for reservation, which is currently taking place in two phases: a court battle and a street battle.

“We have been trying for Dhangar reservation since 1960. We’ve submitted 157 pieces of evidence in court to support our cause, and the result will be decided next month in December. I urge the Dhangar community to take to the streets in large numbers if our legal fight faces any obstacles,” Padalkar declared.

Padalkar also took aim at Sharad Pawar, accusing him of playing a political game by providing Dhangars with reservation under the NT category, which is not constitutionally recognized. He argued that Pawar’s actions have damaged the Dhangar society and its political representation.

“Dhangar society should now break free from the chains of servitude. Until we do, the establishment will continue to exploit us. Sharad Pawar knows that a united Dhangar

community poses a threat. We must rise above and beyond our current state, symbolized by blankets and sticks, and instead wield the axe as a symbol of our strength,” Padalkar concluded.

This call to action by Gopichand Padalkar comes as the Dhangar community awaits a crucial decision on their reservation status, and tensions continue to simmer over Sharad Pawar’s role in the matter.


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