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Gaza Hospital Hit in Israel Air Strike, 500 Feared Dead

Israeli Prime Minister Denies Responsibility Amid Ongoing Conflict

October 18, 2023: In a shocking turn of events, a hospital in the Gaza Strip was hit by an Israeli air strike, leaving an estimated 500 people dead. This devastating incident has added to the growing casualty count in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. While Israel has vehemently denied responsibility, the international community remains deeply concerned about the escalating violence in the region.

The Israel-Hamas war has already claimed more than 4,500 lives on both sides, with no signs of abating. However, the recent claim made by Gaza’s Ministry of Health has sent shockwaves worldwide. The ministry asserts that Israeli forces targeted a hospital in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of 500 individuals. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected these allegations.

The Israeli military acknowledged that it heavily bombed areas in southern Gaza during clashes with Hamas. Nonetheless, they asserted that the hospital incident was not their doing. Israel claims that the hospital was hit by a rocket fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disavowed any involvement in the attack. This hospital strike has triggered global condemnation, with leaders from U.S. President Joe Biden to the United Nations and the World Health Organization expressing their dismay.

Gaza’s health ministry reported a death toll of at least 500 people following the Israeli airstrike on the Gaza City hospital. The attack occurred when the hospital was filled with hundreds of people. Shocking images sent by The Associated Press depict flames, shattered glass, and bodies strewn throughout the hospital corridors, intensifying the global outrage over the incident.

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that the perpetrators of this “barbaric” attack were terrorists and not the Israeli army. He argued that those who brutally kill children, including their own, were responsible for the attack. Earlier, the IDF had claimed that the Islamic Jihad was behind the hospital strike. The IDF cited that Hamas had fired rockets at Israel, with one rocket failing to hit the Gaza hospital. Netanyahu referred to intelligence information that attributed the rocket attack to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.


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