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ensions Rise in Thane Lok Sabha Race: BJP and Shiv Sena Lock Horns

Dispute over Seat Sharing and Allegiances Deepens Political Rift in Maharashtra's Key Constituency

March 28, 2024: The political landscape in the Thane Lok Sabha constituency is heating up as the battle for the seat intensifies. With the Nashik seat seemingly destined for the NCP, all eyes are on Thane to see who will emerge victorious. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is adamant about securing the Thane Lok Sabha seat for the BJP, while Shiv Sena, under the leadership of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, is equally determined to maintain its stronghold in the region. However, the ongoing dispute over seat sharing within the Grand Alliance is becoming increasingly apparent.

The BJP asserts its claim over the Thane seat, citing its significant presence in the constituency. Independent MLA Geeta Jain’s allegiance to the BJP, coupled with the party’s strong representation in local bodies, bolsters its argument. Conversely, Eknath Shinde maintains that Thane is his home turf and insists on retaining control over the constituency. The absence of sitting MP Rajan Vikhare’s support poses a significant challenge for Shinde’s camp, complicating the prospects of victory.

Strength of Mahayutti in Thane:

Examining the political dynamics of the Thane Lok Sabha constituency reveals a complex web of alliances and allegiances. While BJP boasts the support of three influential MLAs—Manda Mhatre, Ganesh Naik, and Sanjay Kelkar—Shiv Sena counters with the backing of two MLAs, including the formidable Eknath Shinde. Additionally, the presence of independent MLA Geeta Jain adds further intricacy to the equation. Despite Thane being traditionally regarded as Shinde’s stronghold, BJP contends that its influence in the region has grown significantly, setting the stage for a potential escalation of tensions within the Mahayuti alliance.

Rajan Vikhare’s Nomination Sparks Excitement:

In a noteworthy development, the Thackeray faction within the Mahavikas Aghadi has nominated MP Rajan Vikhare for the Thane Lok Sabha constituency for the third consecutive time. This decision has sparked enthusiasm among Shiv Sena supporters, who eagerly anticipate Vikhare’s candidacy. As part of the campaign trail, Vikhare will pay tribute to the revered Maratha warrior, Shivaji Maharaj, at Masunda Lake by garlanding his statue. Additionally, homage will be paid to Anand Dighe, a prominent figure in Thane’s political history, further energizing the electoral atmosphere in the region.


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