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Enforcement Directorate Raids Baramati Agro of MLA Rohit Pawar, BJP Leader Alleges Auction Manipulation

ED Conducts Search Operation at Sharad Pawar's Grandson's Company Amid Allegations of Auction Irregularities

January 05, 2024: In a significant development, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted a raid on Baramati Agro, owned by MLA Rohit Pawar, the grandson of veteran politician Sharad Pawar. The ED team arrived at the company’s premises in Baramati on Friday morning, sealing off the office to outsiders. The move comes in the wake of growing scrutiny on companies affiliated with Rohit Pawar, who stands in the opposition.

A vertical split within the Pawar family emerged after Ajit Pawar joined the state government as Deputy Chief Minister. While Ajit Pawar aligned with the government, Rohit Pawar and MP Supriya Sule chose to stay with the elder Pawar, leading to heightened attention from central and state agencies on the business ventures associated with Rohit Pawar. As of now, there has been no official response from the company administration or central investigation agencies regarding the raid.

The development gained momentum after BJP leader Kirit Somaiah filed a complaint with the ED concerning the Kannada Cooperative Sugar Factory. Allegations suggest that MLA Rohit Pawar’s Baramati Agro acquired the factory through an auction process marred by manipulation, with the winning bid allegedly being a mere Rs 50 crore. Somaiah has also implicated the State Co-operative Bank in these allegations.

Rohit Pawar, responding to the situation, took to Twitter, portraying the incident as a struggle to preserve Maharashtrian heritage. He emphasized the importance of standing up against injustice and preserving the rich cultural and religious history of Maharashtra. The tweet reflects his commitment to the cause and readiness to face any challenges that arise in the process.

The unfolding events signal a deepening political and financial scrutiny on the Pawar family’s businesses, adding a new chapter to the ongoing political dynamics in the state.


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