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Election Strategy Unveiled: NCP Gears Up for Lok Sabha Battle in Satara

Meetings Held in Mumbai and Satara Lay Foundation for Sharad Pawar's Election Plan

January 09, 2024: In a bid to chart its course for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Sharad Pawar-led NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) held crucial meetings in Mumbai and Satara, unveiling its election strategy for the Satara Lok Sabha constituency.

Mumbai Meeting Highlights:

A gathering in Mumbai convened key figures within the NCP, including NCP District President Sunil Mane, Satyajit Patankar, and Sarang Patil, son of MP Srinivas Patil. The focus of the meeting was to deliberate on potential candidates for the Satara Lok Sabha seat. NCP MLAs, MPs, office bearers, and workers from Satara district expressed confidence in executing Sharad Pawar’s directives.

Satara Assembly’s Preparations:

Simultaneously, another meeting took place at the NCP Bhawan in Satara, attended by office bearers and workers of NCP. Notable figures such as MP Srinivas Patil, Aa. Balasaheb Patil, and District President Sunil Mane discussed the political landscape and the party’s strength in the Satara Lok Sabha constituency.

Early Elections Anticipation:

MP Srinivas Patil raised the possibility of Lok Sabha elections occurring two months earlier than scheduled. In response, he urged NCP office bearers and workers to be prepared. Emphasizing organizational strength, new office bearers were appointed, and Srinivas Patil urged both old and new members to fortify the party structure.

Organizational Strengthening Efforts:

Shashikant Shinde stressed the need for meticulous planning, asserting that office bearers should focus on forming committees and fortifying the party structure. Highlighting the importance of resolving issues faced by unorganized workers, he pledged to address concerns by coordinating with the Labor Commissioner’s office.

MLA Balasaheb Patil’s Directives:

MLA Balasaheb Patil called for the implementation of Taluk-wise executives within eight days by all office bearers of frontal cells. He assured assistance for any issues at the village level and urged committees to include office bearers from various frontal cells, emphasizing thorough preparation for the upcoming elections.

District’s Loyalty to Sharad Pawar:

Despite recent challenges within the NCP, the meeting in Satara demonstrated unwavering support for Sharad Pawar. Noteworthy was the attendance of senior officials, women representatives, activists, and youth – a testament to the enduring admiration for the veteran politician within the district.

In the face of potential early elections, the NCP in Satara appears poised to tackle the electoral challenges with renewed vigor and a fortified organizational structure.


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