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Drone Attack in Moscow – Russia Blames Ukraine

In a shocking incident, Moscow, the capital of Russia, has experienced another drone attack. This has been reported as a terrorist attack, and Russia has accused Ukraine of being behind it. The attack took place even with Russia’s active air defense system in place, failing to prevent the incident. Two buildings suffered significant damage as a result of the attack, and there has been one reported injury.

In response to the threat, Russia has taken precautionary measures and closed down the Nukavo Airport. The Gaganchumbi building in Moscow’s IQ quarter was the target of this attack, housing both residents and some government offices. A video of the attack has gone viral on social media, showing a woman in her apartment when the drone struck suddenly.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has also commented on the incident, assuring that there were no major casualties or damage. However, several military drones deployed by Russian forces have been active during this disturbing incident. While it is being labeled as a terrorist attack, Ukraine is denying any involvement and is expected to investigate the matter. Nevertheless, the attack has further strained the relations between the two countries, leading to increased tension.

This is not the first time something like has happened. Just two days ago, Ukraine attempted a similar drone attack on Moscow, but it was successfully intercepted and no damage or casualties were reported. Russia’s air defense managed to prevent any harm from that attempt.

It is evident that drone warfare is becoming a concerning issue in the region, with both Russia and Ukraine involved in the deployment of such technology. As tensions continue to rise, there are growing concerns that these incidents could escalate the already volatile situation. The authorities must work diligently to address the matter and find a peaceful resolution to avoid further destabilization.



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