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Director of Rosary School, Vinay Arhana, Arrested for Aiding Notorious Drug Smuggler Lalit Patil

Pune Police Detain Vinay Arhana for Alleged Assistance in Lalit Patil's Escape

Pune | October 26,2023: In a surprising turn of events, Vinay Arhana, the Director of Rosary School in Pune, finds himself on the wrong side of the law, as he was arrested by the Pune Police for his suspected involvement in aiding the notorious drug smuggler, Lalit Patil, in his escape from authorities. This development comes in the wake of Lalit Patil’s arrest, which unveiled a web of connections and led the police to take this action against the prominent educator.

The police had already apprehended two of Lalit Patil’s girlfriends from Nashik, accusing them of helping him evade capture. This recent arrest of Vinay Arhana marks another significant development in the ongoing investigation.

Vinay Arhana had earlier been in the custody of the Central Investigation Agency (ED) for his alleged involvement in a financial misappropriation case. However, due to his deteriorating health, he was admitted to Sassoon Hospital. It was at this hospital that he crossed paths with Lalit Patil, who was also receiving medical treatment in Ward No. 16.

Arhana’s car driver, Datta Doke, was a regular visitor to the hospital, delivering items from Arhana’s residence. Through this connection, Doke became acquainted with Lalit Patil. Allegations have emerged that Doke facilitated Patil’s escape after the latter was discharged from the hospital.

The sequence of events leading to Patil’s escape was pieced together by the authorities. After leaving Sassoon Hospital, Patil made his way to a five-star hotel and later traveled to Somwar Peth by rickshaw. At this point, Dutta Doke, Arhana’s driver, picked him up and drove him to Ravet, eventually escorting him to Mumbai. It has been revealed that Doke received ten thousand rupees for covering Patil’s expenses during this journey.

These revelations have led the Pune Police to detain Vinay Arhana for his alleged role in assisting an accused criminal in escaping authorities. Currently, Arhana is being held in Yerawada Jail while the investigation unfolds.

This case continues to unravel with surprising twists, raising questions about the relationships and associations between individuals from diverse backgrounds. The Pune Police are dedicated to unearthing the full extent of this complex situation as they work to bring justice to those involved.


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