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MNS Chief Raj Thackeray Criticizes Adani’s Role in Dharavi Redevelopment

Raj Thackeray Takes On Adani Group Over Dharavi Project

December 18, 2023: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray has raised concerns about the Dharavi redevelopment project during a recent meeting in Mumbai. Thackeray, while indirectly targeting the ruling party, questioned the decision to involve the Adani Group in the ambitious project, emphasizing the need for transparency and public discourse.

A Pointed Question on Dharavi Protest

Following a meeting with party office bearers, Raj Thackeray spoke to the media about the ongoing Dharavi redevelopment. Thackeray was asked about his opinion on a recent protest in Dharavi, to which he responded by questioning the choice of Adani for the project. He expressed skepticism about the lack of involvement of other prominent companies and urged a more inclusive decision-making process.

Project Approval: Support or Opposition?

When asked about his stance on the Dharavi project, Thackeray voiced his displeasure, stating that a comprehensive town planning approach was necessary. He emphasized the importance of open spaces, schools, colleges, and roads in the area, questioning the wisdom behind awarding the project solely to the Adani Group. Thackeray’s comments indicate a lack of support for the current approach to the Dharavi redevelopment.

Election Discussions and Future Plans

During the meeting, discussions also revolved around the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Thackeray shared that decisions regarding the constituencies MNS would contest would be made closer to the election announcement next year. On the subject of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections, slated for 2025, Thackeray humorously compared the current governance situation to the popular Bollywood song ‘Meri Marji,’ suggesting a lack of clear rules and regulations.

In light of these developments, Thackeray’s critique of the Dharavi project raises questions about the transparency and decision-making process surrounding major development initiatives, leaving room for continued public debate on the matter.


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